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This video is made possible by NordVPN!

– OverSimplifed narrator, Various videos

NordVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service provider. NordVPN guy is the character who represents the company, and has appeared in every episode where NordVPN was sponsored. His company is currently based in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Lithuania.


NordVPN Guy looks like a white, plain OverSimplifed character, with the unique feature of the NordVPN logo as their "hair" on their head. They're also one of the few OverSimplifed characters with hair unrelated to the video itself. They are known for disguising themself to advertise their company to nearby people. His disguises are a Union Soldier conversing with a bewildered Union Officer, Russian Secret Police Officer spying on Marxists, Pierre, and in the most recent video of OverSimplified, as a British Settler in the jointly occupied region of Oregon. They are also the only sponsor that have an actual character.